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Hide Folder 3.1

Hide Folder provides security, privacy and password protection to your PC
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Hide Folder is a program that is very friendly for users and provides you with security, privacy and password protection (files, folders and discs). Hide Folder will stop any unauthorized access to important and significant programs and information for every user. Any folders that the program protects will be invisible, accessible in read-only mode, or even inaccessible.

You can encrypt programs by choosing one of 9 different cryptological algorithms, such as CATS, BLOWFISH, TRIPLE-DES, TMS, TWOFISH, COBRA128, SERPENT, PC1, and RIJNDAEL AES. It's not possible to rename, delete, copy, modify, move, or access any of the protected folders, or even see them on the system by other users.

With this program, you will be able to specify the programs that are allowed to access the protected folders, such as (disc drive utilities, virus scanners, etc.). The vital change included in this version is the use of impenetrable cryptographic algorithms to ensure the highest protection of your data to prevent any intruder from steeling any of your information, even if he stole media that includes your information or even if he uses any other methods like brute-force.

Hide Folder will also protect your desktop folder and block any unauthorized access or attempts of changing the settings, hotkeys, screensavers, wallpapers etc. with a single click.

That’s not all, you can also protect your user settings such as Favorites, My Documents, Internet History and OS Settings of Control Panel, Desktop, Time and Date.

It’s a great useful tool that’s suitable for every one who want to ensure security, privacy and confidence. It is so powerful to the extent that even if it crashes or someone kills it, your files will stay protected.

Luis Sanchez
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